Social Justice / Human Rights

Active Bethel Citizens

It is the purpose of the ABC to advise the City of Eugene, the Bethel School District (#52), and other public or private bodies concerning the improvement of the livability of the Bethel community.

ABC has been formed to help resolve the concerns of the people of the neighborhood. These concerns include but are not limited to: land use and planning, social, recreational, educational, economic development and transportation needs; and to promote a sense of community cohesiveness and self-reliance.

ABC will also serve in an educational capacity to inform the citizens in this community, and to continue the planning process by periodically reevaluating its goals, objectives, and recommendations. -

Amigos Multicultural Services Center

The mission of Amigos Multicultural Services Center is to promote respect for human rights and to advocate for the needs of immigrants from Latin America whose dignity and capabilities have been challenged by poverty, unjust treatment, and social exclusion. -

Amnesty International – UO Student Group

Amnesty's mission is to undertake research and action focused on preventing and ending grave abuses of the rights to physical and mental integrity, freedom of conscience and expression, and freedom from discrimination--in the context of our work to promote all human rights, as articulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. -

Aprovecho Research Center

Aprovecho Research Center (ARC), a 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation
established in 1976, is dedicated to researching, developing and
disseminating appropriate technological solutions for meeting the basic
human needs of refugees and impoverished people and communities in the
developing world. ARC's goal is to help relieve suffering, improve
health, enhance safety, and reduce adverse impacts on the environment.
ARC provides technical assistance and related appropriate technology to
projects around the world. The main focus is on cooking and heating
systems that use biomass for fuel. -

CALC (Community Alliance of Lane County)

The mission of CALC is to educate and mobilize for peace, human dignity and social, racial, and economic justice. -

Center for Indigenous Cultural Survival

Our work begins with the understanding that we must participate and continue to strengthen our local communities while our vision broadens to include Indigenous communities so we will be able to examine and understand firsthand the various strategies and techniques that create a space for the survival of culture and life as understood by global Indigenous communities. -

Coalition Against Environmental Racism

The Coalition Against Environmental Racism (CAER) is a student organization committed to bridging the gap between the struggle for social and environmental equality. CAER has the dual mission of educating the campus about Environmental Racism and building coalitions within the University community to foster activism in the Environmental Justice Movement. -

Eugene Occupier

The principal objective of Occupy Eugene, in concert with the originating Occupy Wall Street, is social, economic and environmental justice. -

Eugene Peace Choir

The mission of the Eugene Peace Choir is threefold: excellence in singing; the support of peace, social justice, and environment; and the maintenance of a choir community based on these principles. -

Eugene Springfield Solidarity Network/Jobs with Justice

Eugene Springfield Solidarity Network (ESSN) is a grassroots organization that brings together workers, religious congregations, students and community groups to support the civil and economic rights of all people, particularly the right to a decent standard of living, the right to a stable job, and the right to freely associate, organize and collectively bargain. ESSN works to increase the economic and political power of poor and working class people by educating about, organizing for and promoting the concept of economic social justice through campaigns, each designed to focus on a different approach to building power for all workers in Oregon. ESSN works to increase the political and economic power of all people through coordinated action and strategic objectives. ESSN often focuses on labor and class issues but lately has focused more energy on working to create an effective social justice coalition. -