Land Use

350 Eugene

350 is the safe upper limit of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, measured in parts per million, above which the planet is in a state of climate crisis. Our work is to reduce dangerous carbon emissions by building a grassroots movement, moving away from fossil fuels and harmful land use practices, and helping jump-start a clean energy economy–and in the process, transforming our world into a livable, joyful and just place. -

Active Bethel Citizens

It is the purpose of the ABC to advise the City of Eugene, the Bethel School District (#52), and other public or private bodies concerning the improvement of the livability of the Bethel community.

ABC has been formed to help resolve the concerns of the people of the neighborhood. These concerns include but are not limited to: land use and planning, social, recreational, educational, economic development and transportation needs; and to promote a sense of community cohesiveness and self-reliance.

ABC will also serve in an educational capacity to inform the citizens in this community, and to continue the planning process by periodically reevaluating its goals, objectives, and recommendations. -

Amazon Neighbors

Our mission is to build community at the neighborhood level and improve the livability of the City's neighborhoods. Neighborhood Associations do this by:

• Sponsoring neighborhood improvement projects and social events;
• Providing a forum to identify, discuss, and resolve neighborhood issues
• Establishing a two-way communication between neighborhoods and the City, and between neighborhoods and other external agencies;
• Educating neighbors on issues, public process, City services, and elections;
• Identifying and Advocating the Neighborhood Association's position on issues such as land use, transportation, public safety, and social services.
Our neighbors are those who live, work, or own property within our boundaries. -

Aprovecho Research Center

Aprovecho Research Center (ARC), a 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation
established in 1976, is dedicated to researching, developing and
disseminating appropriate technological solutions for meeting the basic
human needs of refugees and impoverished people and communities in the
developing world. ARC's goal is to help relieve suffering, improve
health, enhance safety, and reduce adverse impacts on the environment.
ARC provides technical assistance and related appropriate technology to
projects around the world. The main focus is on cooking and heating
systems that use biomass for fuel. -

Cascadia Food Not Lawns

Food not lawns' mission is to grow rare and endangered plants, educate the community about permaculture & sustainable living, and distribute information and plant material to growers & activists. -

Cascadia Wildlands

Cascadia Wildlands educates, agitates, and inspires a movement to protect and restore Cascadia's wild ecosystems. -

Coalition Against Environmental Racism

The Coalition Against Environmental Racism (CAER) is a student organization committed to bridging the gap between the struggle for social and environmental equality. CAER has the dual mission of educating the campus about Environmental Racism and building coalitions within the University community to foster activism in the Environmental Justice Movement. -

Community Rights Lane County (Lane Community Organizers)

To teach current pesticide activists the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) method of both creating local ordinances to address community concerns, and how to organize a community around a pressing issue. To use these skills to form a cohesive group of pesticide activists who will be able to create a long-term public education campaign, and strategize the best way to approach pesticide spray issues in Lane County. - http://www.

Downtown Neighborhood Association

The mission of the Downtown Neighborhood Association is to build community at the neighborhood level and improve the livability and economic vitality of the neighborhood. -

Eugene Occupier

The principal objective of Occupy Eugene, in concert with the originating Occupy Wall Street, is social, economic and environmental justice. -