2014 Grant Recipients

Arts & Culture Program (Oregon Supported Living Program)

The mission of the Oregon Supported Living Program’s Arts & Culture Program is to break down barriers to participation in the arts for people of all abilities and to build bridges to a more diverse and inclusive community. - http://www.artsandcultureeugene.org

CALC (Community Alliance of Lane County)

The mission of CALC is to educate and mobilize for peace, human dignity and social, racial, and economic justice. - http://www.calclane.org/

Civil Liberties Defense Center

The Civil Liberties Defense Center’s (CLDC) mission focuses on defending and upholding civil liberties through education, outreach, litigation, and legal support and assistance. The CLDC strives to preserve the strength and vitality of the Bill of Rights and the U.S. and state constitutions, as well as to protect freedom of expression. - http://www.cldc.org/

Fungi For the People

Fungi for the People has organized and led mushroom cultivation and remediation workshops with the mission of encouraging resilient and ecologically enhanced relationships. Since 2011, we have been bringing the skills of mushroom cultivation and use to a wide audience: we have taught over 2,000 aspiring mushroom cultivators (from across the US and internationally) about fungi and accessible methods of sustainably growing edible and medicinal mushrooms. - http://fungiforthepeople.org/

Grateful Growers

To create a fun, healthy learning environment for youth to connect and care for the Earth, their bodies and each other by providing a summer camp offering activities for exploration. 

We believe ALL youth deserve the opportunity to connect with their source of food. - http://www.gratefulgrowers.org