2015 Grant Recipients

350 Eugene

350 is the safe upper limit of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, measured in parts per million, above which the planet is in a state of climate crisis. Our work is to reduce dangerous carbon emissions by building a grassroots movement, moving away from fossil fuels and harmful land use practices, and helping jump-start a clean energy economy–and in the process, transforming our world into a livable, joyful and just place. - http://world.350.org/eugene/

Eugene Occupier

The principal objective of Occupy Eugene, in concert with the originating Occupy Wall Street, is social, economic and environmental justice. - http://occupyeugenemedia.org/newsletter/

Northwest Permaculture

The goal of the The Northwest Permaculture Convergence is to educate about the benefits of using permaculture principles, values and ideals for designing systems for taking care of human needs – food, water, shelter, energy, economic, social - in ways that are friendly to people and planet. - http://www.northwestpermaculture.org