Democratic Party of Lane County

The Democratic Party of Lane County is a people-powered progressive volunteer organization that prospers through the contributions of many like-minded individuals. We maintain an office, website, and phones, so we can organize to elect progressive Democrats who represent the people of Lane County both locally and nationally. -

Downtown Neighborhood Association

The mission of the Downtown Neighborhood Association is to build community at the neighborhood level and improve the livability and economic vitality of the neighborhood. -

Emerald Biodiversity Council


Emerald Financing Eugene Area Sustainable Talent (F.E.A.S.T. )

Our purpose is to: increase awareness of the importance of locally-grown "nano-businesses"; stimulate local circulation of money; provide instant cash grants to new and existing entrepreneurs
support business that has a community benefit; crowd-source philanthropic investments. -

Eugene Occupier

The principal objective of Occupy Eugene, in concert with the originating Occupy Wall Street, is social, economic and environmental justice. -

Eugene Peace Choir

The mission of the Eugene Peace Choir is threefold: excellence in singing; the support of peace, social justice, and environment; and the maintenance of a choir community based on these principles. -

Eugene PeaceWorks

We support a commitment to world peace, social and environmental justice issues through nonviolent grassroots action, education and mutual empowerment to show that peace works. We provide office space and community organizing resources to community members, promote nonviolent strategies for direct action, and campaign against militarism and its use to preserve and promote other institutions of social and environmental oppression. -

Eugene Springfield Solidarity Network/Jobs with Justice

Eugene Springfield Solidarity Network (ESSN) is a grassroots organization that brings together workers, religious congregations, students and community groups to support the civil and economic rights of all people, particularly the right to a decent standard of living, the right to a stable job, and the right to freely associate, organize and collectively bargain. ESSN works to increase the economic and political power of poor and working class people by educating about, organizing for and promoting the concept of economic social justice through campaigns, each designed to focus on a different approach to building power for all workers in Oregon. ESSN works to increase the political and economic power of all people through coordinated action and strategic objectives. ESSN often focuses on labor and class issues but lately has focused more energy on working to create an effective social justice coalition. -

First United Methodist Church

We are disciples of Jesus Christ, welcoming all, doing justice, transforming the world. -

Fungi For the People

Fungi for the People has organized and led mushroom cultivation and remediation workshops with the mission of encouraging resilient and ecologically enhanced relationships. Since 2011, we have been bringing the skills of mushroom cultivation and use to a wide audience: we have taught over 2,000 aspiring mushroom cultivators (from across the US and internationally) about fungi and accessible methods of sustainably growing edible and medicinal mushrooms. -