Southeast Neighbors

Community / Networking   

Southeast Neighbors is an official local neighborhood association representing the Southeast Neighborhood in Eugene, Oregon. Southeast Neighbors is formally recognized by the City of Eugene, and our president fills a standing seat on the Neighborhood Leaders Council (NLC).
City, State:
, Oregon

Government Entity   Non-Profit Organizational Goals
  • Increase citizen awareness of, and involvement in, key planning and land use issues through regular public meetings, hosting speakers and sponsoring public forums on timely issues.
  • Encourage policies and planning practices that preserve or enhance the livability and quality of life in Southeast Eugene.
  • Improve and expand the system of parks, open areas, greenbelts and natural areas in Southeast Eugene.
  • Increase emphasis on pedestrian, bicycle and alternative transportation throughout the neighborhood.
  • Achieve full recovery of the impact costs of new development on roads, sewers, water and electricity, schools and other public services.
  • Improve the quality of all new development in the neighborhood through design standards and a public review process.
  • Promote growth management to keep the area’s growth rate down and maintain a healthy local economy.
  • Direct local economic development efforts towards local small businesses (rather than large out-of town corporations).